20 Hilarious Parenting Comics By A Mom-Of-Six That Are Totally Relatable


Mother’s work is rewarding, but it is also taxing and tiring. This is a job you will never be able to do unless you decide to do so. The first few years of a child’s life are usually hectic, chaotic and physically overwhelming for parents, especially mothers.

To advance and share her maternity journey, French mother Hulus Weiner began joking about her parents’ lives. The author shares his interests primarily in French, but has recently translated them into English so that more people can enjoy them!

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Helios, a mother of six, began making and posting her own comedy films when her second child was born. She lives in the UK with her large family of eight, which is about to grow. This family also welcomed their new member into this world a few weeks ago!









Helios first began by sharing his humor in French, a language he is more familiar with. With more than 26.9k followers, he was already in love with his funny stories with his children and family. After seeing the interests, she now shares her humor with English readers as well.












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