20 incredibly funny photos of dogs that will help to spend a working day on the positive


And we are with you – with sensational news! It turns out that our actors discovered an inexhaustible source of positive and energy: funny collections with our smaller brothers. Today we give preference to dogs, which with their smiles are definitely able to charge not just individual office workers, but entire corporations.

How to refuse when he so asks for sweets

A year ago, I had fun at a party with this doggie.

Ganner accidentally turned on the front-end, but he’s still cute.

Meet my quarantine girlfriend, cutie Lila

I could not share this photo with my Nala.

You just take a look at these pads.

Sometimes it seems to me that I don’t have a dog living, but a croissant.

Today, for the first time after quarantine, she wrapped her bun on the beach.

We picked up a puppy on the street, and he immediately fell asleep sweetly on the couch.

My Samu is very similar to a little fox

He was just born and is already looking at us condemningly.

Today we went on his first walk in his life

Ate and sleep.

When a little recovered on self-isolation.

Even dogs love avocados.

Scrappy-do is that you?

Here is such joy from a simple walk in the yard.

I have the best assistant in the car!

My Bentley looks like the cutest toy.

These dogs look like they plan to spend the best summers.


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