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A desperate leopard floundered in the water and howled for help

Residents of an Indian village heard a long roar from a deep 13-meter well. Below, a helpless leopard fought hard. Residents of a village in the state of Maharashtra, India, heard a heart-rending roar from a 13-meter well, which was located in the middle of a forest in an open area. The animal was floundering in the water, and desperately trying to get out.

Images Credit:wildlifesos.org

People noticed him when he almost lost his strength. They contacted the Wildlife SOS animal rescue service, and the team immediately left for the village. Rescuers and the farmer lowered a wooden platform to the leopard, on which he climbed.

Then a special iron cage was lowered down. Rescuers waited for the leopard to go inside and closed the door. Finally, the animal was safe – after which the leopard was taken to the rescue center.

Doctors determined that the male is about 7-8 years old, and he is absolutely healthy, in addition to small abrasions after falling from such a height. After a while, he will be released back into the wild.



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