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A sad cat was driven from every corner where he managed to hide

In one of the boiler rooms in Petrozavodsk, a cat lived quietly, which was once an apartment, but then the owners did not need it. The calm and inconspicuous bed boy tried not to catch the eye of people, but for some reason every time they saw him, he irritated them, and they purred him from his place.


So the cat lived, forever persecuted by someone, unnecessary, sad. Once he was not lucky to get into a fight with other representatives of the cat family, and he seriously received it. At this moment, he was noticed by a volunteer Galina, who could not pass the cat.

The vet examined the cat and concluded that he was about 2-3 years old. The tramp was treated and sent to a home overexposure to Galina, to recover and relieve stress. She decided to call her new ward Thomas.

When Thomas recovered a little, he showed himself to be a very well-mannered, calm, and affectionate cat. He instantly got along with other fluffy households of Galina and did not cause much trouble.

Thomas adored when someone started stroking and hugging him. He purred and squinted his eyes in pleasure, joyfully released his claws, pressed his ears.

Just look at how handsome Thomas once turned into a starving Thomas! And all thanks to the fact that he fell into the safe hands of Galina.

Once, a young couple, Stepan and Ekaterina, came to visit Galina. They wanted to pick up one cat but noticed Thomas, who was nearby. The gentle fluffy began to purr as soon as the guys stroked him, and they, of course, could not resist.

So Thomas rushed off to his new home! Coteau fell into his possession of the territory was very to the taste. He quickly got used to sleeping next to the owners, purring and fondling.

A former resident of the boiler room Thomas is now a happy domestic cat. Nobody persecutes or offends him; every day he is surrounded by care and love. What else is needed for happiness?


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