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AJ Johnson comedian, Ezel in ‘Friday’, dies in Los Angeles at 55

Actor and comedian Anthony Johnson was found dead in a store in California city

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Actor Anthony “AJ” Johnson, known for the role of Ezal in the film Friday, and who has appeared in other big films such as, Risky Business and A Rocking Party, died at age 55.

“We lost an icon,” Lynea Bell, the actor’s representative, told The Hollywood Reporter. “He left us amazing memories of his laughs, dynamic acting skills, but most of all, his huge personality and heart of gold.”

The American artist was found in a Los Angeles store and the cause of death has yet to be disclosed. According to the nephew, the actor was rushed to the hospital, but he arrived lifelessly.

Johnson grew up in Compton, California. His first role was in the 1990 movie Festa de arroba, as EZE Years later he became known for playing Ezal in the classic Friday.

American rapper Ice Club tweeted in honor of his friend.

Translation: sad to wake up to the news of AJ Johnson’s passing. Naturally funny guy and at the same time straight from Compton. Sorry, I couldn’t bring your character Ezal back to the “Friday” screens

AJ Johnson(foto: Reprodução)

Johnson has acted in more than 40 productions. Among them, Ricas e Gloriosas (1997), Risky Business (1998), Intrigue Game (2001) and Repos (2006). AJ was also a comedian and went on to stand-up in Los Angeles in the 90s.

On Instagram, the actor’s representative also lamented the passing.

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