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Artist Jenny Jinya Just Released A New One About A Neglected Hamster

If you’ve ever had a hamster or multiple owners like me, you’ll be heartbroken to see German artist Jenny Hafsick’s latest comic. The artist, who has long been known as Jenny Jinya, has dealt with the fact that some people stop caring for their hamsters due to peer pressure.

Some owners ignore hamsters and similar small pets because they are cheaper to obtain, Jenny said. Lack of education and empathy can lead to hamsters suffering and living a young life. Therefore, it is important for everyone to do at least some research before raising a pet, as well as to be prepared to provide their pets with good living conditions and food.

Just remember, dear reader, this subject will hurt you terribly: it’s okay to shed tears because these little hamster fellows are capable of all kinds of love like big pets. You will find our other recent articles on Jenny’s art here (Reigns of Loneliness), here (a tribute to the shelter staff), and here (isolated arc). These comics always encourage us to have more compassion for all living things. We hope they impress you too.

I had another beautiful conversation with Jenny about her latest comic. The artist said that hamsters have been on his list for a long time. But the urge to make a comic was reinforced when someone found a hamster on Facebook and proudly posted a picture of a cage that was too small. It was a pity how resilient the man was to be advised, and the counterargument was really just ‘the size at the pet store staff said enough is enough!

Credit: Jenny-Jinya.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Artist Jenny Jenya decided that now is the time to talk about hamsters and some owners on how to ignore these little mice.

At the end of the post, Jenny delivers a public service announcement, urging hamster owners to familiarize themselves with ways to improve the lives of their little friends. This includes feeding them the right food, providing them with a cage that is long enough for them to travel, and providing them with a safe, larger wheel to exercise.

From my personal experience, adding hamsters, I can tell you that it is very important to give them the right food. Try adding some fresh lettuce and vegetable bits from time to time to complement the dry food you find in stores.

That’s what some of Jenny’s fans have been saying about her latest comic



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