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Cat was trapped in a shipping container for 3 weeks and survived by eating candy

What was the greatest adventure you’ve ever started? It probably hasn’t been as epic as this cat’s adventure lately. A Ukrainian company called Star Shine Shipping made a post on January 14th showing the stowaway they recently trapped in one of their containers. The cat was surprisingly alive and well, and not bad-looking at all.

The kitten traveled from Ukraine to Israel about 3 weeks and 3000 km. He just had to eat the candy they carried. What surprised the people who found it the most was that the cat did not have clean water and always managed to get out of it almost perfectly healthy.

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This little kitten has decided to go on an adventure

Image source: Star Shine Shipping

He entered a shipping container in Ukraine and three weeks later he was in Israel.

How the cat was able to survive for so long without normal food and especially water remains a mystery. Most people say it was a miracle. The company speculated that the traveler survived by drinking the drops of water that were around the container and, of course, eating the candy.

The people who found him were very surprised that he was alive because there was no food or water in the container.

Image source: Star Shine Shipping

The company conducted an investigation. CCTV footage showed the cat entered the trash cans when the boxes were loaded with candy. The company said the cat felt great and was in excellent condition, which is really good to hear.

The kitten survived by eating candy from the cargo.

Image source: Star Shine Shipping

Here’s what the company that found it said about the miracle

Source : Star Shine Shipping LTD

The company said the kitten was safe and sound. You’ll likely leave early enough for some new adventure, hope it gets a lot safer this time around.

We are very happy that the traveling cat is safe and sound! What do you think of this epic journey? How did the kitten survive? Tell us in the comments and share the amazing animal stories you have heard or seen in your life.

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