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Funny to tears: hilarious photos from the life of two bulldogs from Belgium

Many animal accounts can be found on social media. Some of them demonstrate the beauty and splendor of our smaller brothers, and some – their funny and ridiculous antics. However, the Instagram page of two bulldogs Nelson and Rose turned out to be so funny that we just can’t help but pay extra attention to it!

Nelson and Rose are four-year-old English Bulldogs who live in Belgium. They became famous for their incredibly hilarious Instagram photos, even by the standards of jaded modern netizens. At the moment, almost 100 thousand people have subscribed to them.

The owner of Nelson and Rose often catches shots with funny expressions on the faces of her pets, dresses them up in funny costumes, puts them in an unusual environment. The publications are very popular and often go viral.

Fatties Nelson and Rose vividly embody everything that we love so much about bulldogs. Sluggishness along with nobility, plump folds and an intelligent look, a sedate disposition, and the ability to be funny in any situation.




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