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Homeless Dog Walks Into Police Station And Finds His Forever Family

Gorgi was a homeless dog that wandered the streets of Bayamón in Puerto Rico, he arrived at a police station and stole everyone’s heart, now he is a surveillance dog.

Gorgi is a street dog who never imagined that going to the police station would change his life and the lives of everyone who knows him now. Gorgi won everyone’s hearts and now he is a guard dog.

It all started one afternoon when Gorgi presented himself to the Puerto Rico police at the command center in the city of Bayamón. The officers who were there were surprised by how nice the homeless dog was, even though there were indications that he had a difficult past.

Sgt. Tony Montesinos told The Dodo :

“He was in poor condition, malnourished a,nd with apparent signs of abuse. He approached scared and went in search of affection and protection. We gave him food and water that night and after eating he stayed with us for a while and left».

The homeless dog becomes guard dog

But Gorgi came back again, and this time to stay.

The next day he was back; Seeing how insistent the dog was in wanting to be near them, and how they enjoyed every moment of his company, the officers decided to rescue Gorgi from the streets.

They even pooled their money to take him in for a vet checkup.

Considering that Gorgi thought that this place was already his home, and the policemen his friends, they decided that it made sense for the dog to get a job as an officer, so now he “works” as a guard dog for the station.

He has his outfit complete with a badge and vest. Although the position of the dog is mostly honorary.

More than anything else, Gorgi’s role is that of a trusted companion and comforting friend to officers who spend their day in the line of duty.

Montesino said:

“Tensions are reduced.”

In fact, Gorgi was recently included in a study to show that having a dog in the office reduces stress at work. His colleagues, of course, claimed that he did it.

It’s clear that Gorgi really enjoys his new job, but perhaps the most important thing for him, given his lonely past, is finally being part of a family that is there for him no matter what.

Montesinos added:

“Everyone loves him. He will have everything he needs for as long as he lives.”


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