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Is Keke Palmer Really Pregnant | Keke Palmer Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Is Keke Palmer Really Pregnant? “Saturday Night Live” returns after a week-long Thanksgiving hiatus, with actress Keke Palmer hosting the December 3 episode along with musical guest SZA.

“I’m so excited to be in New York,” Palmer said opening the show. She later called New York City “the best city in the world.”

During her opening monologue, the 29-year-old actress, who recently starred in Jordan Peele’s hit sci-fi thriller “Nope,” said it was Sagittarius season before quipping, “For those who say astrology isn’t real, I just say how’s that crypto?

Palmer shared that she started acting at the age of nine, debuting in “Akeelah and the Bee” opposite Laurence Fishburne.


SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – Keke Palmer, SZA Episode 1833 – Pictured: Host Keke Palmer during promotions at Studio 8H on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022
(Rosalind OConnor/NBC via Getty Images)

Palmer recalled an incident where he laughed during a scene that was supposed to be serious, causing Fishburne to yell at him. She said that her mother then “went with him.”

During the segment, Palmer also addressed pregnancy rumors on the internet. Opening her coat to reveal that she is indeed pregnant, Palmer said: “This has been the biggest blessing. I’m so excited, I want to be a mom!”

He also reflected on his “SNL” debut and how he would be on the show.

“I asked myself, who will you be?” Palmer said, before mentioning that he could be like Maya Rudolf, Eddie Murphy or a “Kristen Wiig guy” before puffing up: “Honey, I know who I am, I’m Keke Palmer.”

Is Keke Palmer Really Pregnant
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE — Keke Palmer, SZA Episode 1833 — Pictured: Musical guest SZA and host Keke Palmer during promotions at Studio 8H on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022.

(Rosalind OConnor/NBC via Getty Images)

“SNL” opened with a segment on the runoff of Herschel Walker’s Georgia Senate race, with Kenan Thompson reprising his role as the Republican candidate.

Thompson’s Walker met with top Republican leaders including Mitch McConnell (James Austin Johnson), John Cornyn (Mikey Day) and Marsha Blackburn (Cecily Strong) during the performance.

Hello Mr. McDonald’s, sorry I’m late. I was having too much fun on that free Carousel,” Thompson’s Walker began.

Walker was depicted in a cartoonish fashion, misinterpreting or misinterpreting most things.

When Republican leaders discussed the current polls and brought up voting by mail, Walker chimed in: “You have to remember, they still have to count women’s votes.”

Responding to a comment about the runoff election, he said: “Oh well I’m good at it, my ex-wife said all I do is run away.”

The skit included Republican leaders asking Walker if he had any hidden scandals that might be revealed in the coming weeks.

“Yes, definitely, that many,” Walker replied. “Where do I start?”

Walker then suggests that she paid for an abortion in the “intended parent trap.”

Is Keke Palmer Really Pregnant
SNL Cast Members Mikey Day, Molly Kearney, James Austin Johnson, SNL Costume Designer Tom Broecker, Sarah Sherman, Chloe Fineman, Bowen Yang, Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim at The Museum Gala held at the American Museum of History Natural on December 1. 
2022 in New York City.

(Nina Westervelt/Variety via Getty Images)

As Walker continues to say things that could derail his campaign, Republican leaders discuss executing “Plan B,” which is revealed to lock Walker up “until Election Day.”

Later, the episode included jokes about Drake, President Joe Biden, rail strikes, Alex Jones, Kanye West, Donald Trump, an Oath Keepers leader, and Cowboys owners Jerry Jones.

The cast of “SNL” returns on December 10, with alumni Steve Martin and Martin Short as hosts. The episode will have Brandi Carlile as a musical guest.


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