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The magical story of a cat’s friendship with a wild deer

Lulu was rescued from a hoarding and foster care situation by Orphans of the Storm that quickly made her a wonderful foster family. Lulu was very nervous when she met her adoptive family. She had never had a loving family before and everyone knew it would take her a while to get used to things.

“She’s very shy and easily scared,” said Jennifer Burke, Lulu’s foster mother, to TheDodo. “So we made time for her to socialize well and show her that people can be kind and caring.

Over time, she really enjoyed being petted and brushed. He even likes having his stomach rubbed! She’s incredibly cute and great fun watching her start to bloom. ”


When Lulu first arrived at her host family, she shared a room with her adoptive brother Felix. The couple got along very well, but Felix then found his home forever. Burke feared Lulu might miss having a friend to play with, but it wasn’t long before he met a new one.

About a month after Lulu moved in with her foster family, a local deer appeared quite often on the family farm. The family is used to overtaking deer, but they don’t usually hang around like that. They decided to name her Dolly, and the whole family, Lulu in particular, became attached to her.


“I noticed Dolly outside and found that she was in sight of our hospitality bedroom, which is in our basement,” said Burke. “So I ran downstairs to see if Lulu was looking out the window. We have a scratching post in front of the window and Lulu was on the top pole, watching Dolly. And Dolly looked at Lulu!

Lulu and Dolly seemed intrigued by each other, and the more Dolly visited them, the more intrigued. The couple felt very comfortable hanging out with each other, and the sweetest friendship blossomed in front of everyone.


“Lulu was very curious about Dolly,” said Burke. “She didn’t seem scared at all. At first, Dolly looked at Lulu from a distance. But it wasn’t long before Dolly went to the window and chewed on the branches near the house. Lulu was a little hesitant when Dolly first approached. But now she doesn’t mind at all. She even fell asleep on the pole while Dolly stood by the window. ”


Dolly walks the yard several times a day now, and the family can’t help but assume that it’s Lulu’s fault. Dolly loves talking to her feline friend and seems very concerned about her and her welfare.

“Although he is not anywhere near Lulu’s window, he appears to be communicating with Lulu and frequently looks in her direction,” said Burke.


The other cats in the house are definitely a little scared of Dolly, but not of Lulu. She loves her best friend very much. Lulu’s foster family loves her very much too, and while she wants her to find a family forever, they will surely miss her when she leaves, and so will Dolly of course.

“Lulu really deserves an amazing person as long as she is patient and gives Lulu the time it needs to feel safe, so that she can be totally loved and pampered,” said Burke. “But this nursing home may need neighboring deer!”


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