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The confused thoroughbred cat was looking for shelter among its relatives

In the streets of Petrozavodsk, a fluffy cat ran into a panic, which seemed to not know where to hide from trouble. She was looking for food and shelter, and as a result, she nailed to a flock of her relatives, the same stray cats, and cats, like herself. Soon this “gang” was noticed by Elizabeth, who was not indifferent to the fate of homeless animals, who decided to take responsibility for the whole crowd of purrs.

Elizabeth first showed her new ward to veterinarians. She was a little over a year old, and in the family, the cat clearly had thoroughbred relatives. The fluffy beauty, who was glad to be in a safe and warm place, was sterilized. It was decided to call her Lila.

The three-color cat felt fine in the apartment, went to the tray, got along with relatives. Obviously, she was previously home, but then for some reason, she was on the street.

Leela ate, fluffed up, walked away from street life and began to behave like a natural domestic cat: bask in the sun on the windowsill, ask for attention, purr, eat a lot and it’s delicious 🙂

Despite the bright appearance and youth of Lila, for a long time, there were no calls and messages. However, Elizabeth did not lose faith that sooner or later Leela would become very necessary for someone. And so it happened!

Julia noticed the photo of Lila puff on social networks. She decided to give the cat a house, and soon the purr was already washing its paws in the new territory. Most of all, she became attached to Julia’s mother, followed literally on the heels 🙂

Lila definitely has a penchant for curvaceous forms, but the owners are trying to keep their pet in shape!

And recently, Leela was trimmed for the summer season. It seems to us that absolutely any length of hair is suitable for this wonderful cat. Meow!


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