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The family turned the pantry into a cozy dog ​​house

What can’t you do for your beloved dog – for example, one family decided to make a mini-house for their pet with their own hands. A family from Canada decided to make a mini-house for their beloved dog – the 9-month-old River, a half-breed Bernese Mountain Dog, and an Australian Shepherd.

They thought for a long time what to do with an old pantry under the stairs, and decided – why not remake it in a place for a pet? The River House was framed so that it looked like a mini copy of the family home.

Inside the house, they made repairs and decorated them comfortably. Now the happy River does not crawl out of her house – she likes it there so much that she can sit, play and sleep in it for hours – for a company with a little mistress, Ivy.

Spouses Parker took the River after they lost their 5-year-old son after an illness. In order to somehow cope with the loss and find the true friend of their daughter, they decided to take the dog and did not lose. The river has become a reliable and faithful member of the family and brings joy to their lives every day.

After the mother of the family, Anna Parker, shared photos of the dog house on Facebook, their story spread across the network. People fell in love with the charming River and its caring owners!



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