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The goose heroically escaped from the fox’s clutches and returned to his home

The mistress of two domestic geese went out into the yard one morning and did not find one of them there. The goose seemed to have disappeared, and its white feathers lay on the grass.

Steve is a domestic goose who happily lives with his family in Canada. He was rescued with his sister Lulu nine years ago, and since then they have enjoyed life with the people who love them.

The geese themselves are very attached to the owners, especially the more emotional Steve. If I’m in the yard, he always walks alongside, just like a dog. He and his sister are very friendly. They can sleep next to large dogs, and are always the first to meet guests who come to us,” says the owner, Karla.

But one morning the hostess went out into the yard and saw white feathers on the lawn. Having searched the entire yard and surroundings, she found Lula, but did not find Steve – the goose seemed to have disappeared. Karla immediately published ads about his disappearance on social networks.

The woman did not expect that dozens of people would write to her offering help. One local woman said that she saw a fox carrying a white bird in its teeth … The owners were depressed: “The news broke our hearts. Steve was an important part of our family and we were heartbroken.

However, the next morning a miracle happened. The owners heard a knock coming from the back door, and when they went out to check, they saw … Steve! An unfortunate weak goose was lying on the ground behind a closed door and knocking on it, trying to inform the family that he was at home.

It turned out that the brave bird managed to escape from the fox’s clutches, after which he headed home. Weak, frightened, with wounds on his body, he could not get up, but he was very glad to see his masters!

Steve is now safe and warm with his family. He is still a little weak and scared but is recovering a little. After such and such a grandiose escape!.


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