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The homeless dog makes his bed every day in hopes of being adopted

The fate of a homeless dog is very uncertain, if he is lucky he will be taken to a no-kill shelter where they will do their best to find him a home. Many times the same does not happen, but the truth is that dogs do not understand what they did wrong to deserve that loneliness.

When brought to the shelter, many hope to find a forever home, and within days they do.

For others, the situation is more complicated and even more so when they are a dog of a breed classified as “dangerous”, as they are still stigmatized by society.

A homeless dog makes his bed waiting to be adopted

When Rush, an adorable pit bull, arrived at the SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center in Ohio, all he needed was a sweet home. He had been homeless all his life, he was so special, that the volunteers kept the hope that he would soon find a family.

Days went by, and every prospective adopter of Rush seemed to reject him just for being a pit bull.

These people have no idea of ​​the great love and fidelity that a dog like Rush can provide, pit bulls are extremely affectionate.

Poor Rush was getting sadder every day because it seemed that he was never going to leave the shelter. He could see how the other dogs got a new family, and on his face, he seemed to wonder why he didn’t.

One day, the shelter staff noticed some unusual behavior in Rush, an attitude that surprised and captivated them all.

The dog began to make his bed every day as if he thought that behavior would be rewarded with a forever home. Rush used his mouth to hold the sheet and place it carefully in all the corners of his bed, he just wanted to look like a good boy.

Nobody understood why he did it, but his eyes seemed to show that this act could move someone and be adopted.

The dog organized his bed for several days, his rescuers came up with the idea of ​​recording it and sharing it on different social networks.

The shelter wrote on its Facebook page :

“Rush has made his bed every day hoping that some family will adopt him.”

The video of Rush making his bed did not take long to go viral, it did not take long for him to become a celebrity and receive thousands of applications for adoption.

Without a doubt, it was the best idea they could have because a couple arrived at the shelter determined to adopt Rush after seeing the video.

They wanted to meet Rush, they were touched by his behavior in the video and when they arrived at the shelter they immediately fell in love with him.

Fortunately, Rush got what he longed for, a family that would provide him with a loving and understanding home.


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