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The hostess filmed her dog’s funny reaction to food

Do you love donuts the way a dog named Bear loves them? His owner decided to film how he would react to a box of donuts – it turned out funny!

A dog named Bear (Bear) lives happily with his owner, a photographer named Candice, in the United States. The girl loves taking pictures of her pet in different ways, and especially during his favorite pastime – food.

Most of all Bear loves sweets. The owner cannot explain this pet’s passion, but she also decided to use it for one of the photo sessions. She placed the camera at the bottom of a box full of donuts (albeit artificial ones) and invited the dog to film his reaction.

The reaction was hilarious! The dog fought for some time with the urge to stick his nose into the box – this was filmed by the hostess. Although Bear did not manage to eat a single real donut that day, the hostess rewarded him with peanut butter to satisfy his sweet tooth.
Funny video with the dog’s reaction to donuts:

Bear – an ardent lover of sweets

Bear is an ardent fan of sweets, but the hostess does not allow him to eat much, because it is harmful to his body. Sometimes she spoils her pet with sweets, again, taking funny pictures:

In addition, the hostess photographs her handsome man in other images:


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