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The shelter puppy comforts his sister with a hug after being rescued

A puppy who was scared after being rescued comforts his sister with a hug as they wait to be treated at the shelter

About a week ago, the nonprofit Animal Charity of Ohio received information about a small family of dogs in need of help. Jane MacMurchy, the organization’s director of operations, and an animal protection officer, arrived at the reported address and found a horrific scene.

In the place, there was a dog with her two puppies, who lived in terrible conditions. It was quite obvious that the owners did not care about the animals and that the little canine family had learned to depend on each other.

Jane told The Dodo :

“They lived in terrible conditions. They were in the middle of 6 to 8 inches of debris in a makeshift pen, and [the pups] weren’t fully socialized.”

Puppy comforts his sister at the shelter

The owners of the 5-month-old puppies and the 7-year-old dog handed them over to rescuers who quickly took them to the shelter. Peaches and Layla, and their mother Lady, were now safe, and although a medical checkup determined they were fine, the pups lacked confidence.

They didn’t know what to do when Mom wasn’t there, but the most moving thing was when Jane saw Peaches and Layla hug each other for comfort.

It seemed that both puppies were worried about their future and thought that maybe something bad was going to happen to them at the shelter.

Jane commented:

“We were doing the shots and welfare check, mom finished first, when we walked her to our intake area, the puppies, without mom, clung to each other because they were so scared.”

They made it clear that they did not want to be separated, so the small family lives together in the shelter, where they quickly learned that they were safe.

However, each day they give the dogs time to relax and get some TLC from a member of staff. In this way they hope that the puppies begin to trust people, but they know that it will be a very slow process.

Jane added:

“They do much better when their mother is around, so we work with the three of them together, as well as individually, but they are learning to be confident on their own.”

After a few days in the shelter, Lady already feels safe and eager to meet new people, she even loves going for walks. On the other hand, her puppies are still going through the socialization process, as it will take a little longer for her to adjust.

Jane added:

“Lady is a little love that wags her tail, she is happy to receive affection. The puppies aren’t quite ready yet, but they accept love and affection.”

Both move and are happy when they are together, in addition, they lean on each other to gain more confidence. They are extremely dependent, so when Peaches and Layla are ready for adoption, they will surely go into a home together, receiving the love and care of a loving forever family.

If you are interested in adopting Lady or Peaches and Layla, you can complete an application on the Animal Charity of Ohio website .


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