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The woman could not hold back her tears, meeting her dog after 2 years of separation

One day a dog named Twix suddenly got lost. After futile attempts to find him, the mistress was heartbroken … Until two years later a call came from the shelter.

Two years ago, a resident of the United States named Linda Harmon lost her favorite dog – Twixx (Twixx). Doggie was always active, he loved to dig tunnels in the ground, from which he once earned a scar on the top of his head, and the owners did not look for souls in their pet.

That day he seemed to disappear – the dog was playing in the yard, and suddenly disappeared. After futile attempts to find a favorite, Linda’s family was heartbroken. She published his photo on social networks and posted ads, and once a woman wrote to her. She reported that Twixx is dead.

A woman photographed a dog that was hit by a car near her home. From the top of her head, Linda recognized her boy .. Heartbroken, she called the dog’s veterinarian to tell him that the dog was gone, but still could not accept that he had really died.

“I didn’t give up .. I said that I wouldn’t get another dog. For two years I haven’t got a dog ..” – says the woman. And so, two years later, an unsuspecting Linda got a call from a shelter.

They told Linda that they had found a dog with a microchip on which the woman’s contacts were indicated .. But her only dog ​​was Twix. Upon learning that it was a brown dog with a scar on the top, Linda dropped the phone and burst into tears ..

“I burst into tears. At that moment I was in church, and people came to me to ask what happened. But I smiled through tears,” – says Linda.

Linda was worried that after two years of separation the dog would not remember her, so she and the staff of the shelter decided: Linda would stand behind the wall and call Twix, and they would look at his reaction.

So they did. As soon as the woman began to call the dog, he began to actively look around, as if recognizing the voice of the mistress. When he was released from the gate, he immediately rushed to her, wagging his tail. There was no doubt – he recognized Linda!

“I hugged Twixx, and he looked right in my eyes and seemed to ask:“ Is that really you? ”Linda says. Everyone had tears in her eyes, including the staff of the shelter.

Twixx is now at home with her owners in warmth, safety, and This story proves once again – miracles happen if you believe in them with all your heart!

A touching moment of Twikks meeting with the mistress



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