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This breed of sheep looks like a mixture of bull terriers and piglets

Looking at the photos of these lambs, it is impossible not to notice their bright and interesting external feature: their face resembles funny bull terriers, and their bodies resemble pigs. In fact, they are representatives of the Texel breed, one of the most popular among farmers.

Texels have been known to mankind since the time of the Roman Empire. Unpretentious sheep with excellent soft wool and tasty meat were highly appreciated and continue to be appreciated by farmers. In Russia, this type of sheep did not take root, but in Europe and the United States, such a sheep is, as they say, classic.

Texels have a strong, stocky build, thick hair, wide nostrils, and a flat head. They have no horns and range in color from golden beige to blue. They are very unpretentious in food and can survive in any climate, however, texels do not tolerate dampness and high humidity.

On the territory of the CIS, this type of sheep is not very common due to its only drawback: a rare offspring. Texels give birth once a year, and the birth process is usually very, very difficult.

Males of this breed reach a weight of 160 kg, females – 70 kg. Strong indicators! Another striking feature of the representatives of this breed is the head of different color, most often white. This makes them look like bull terriers in peculiar woolen sweaters 🙂


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