The truth is that no one is born with the necessary experience to be a good parent. Well, these are things that are learned over time, as you begin to have children and you must know how this process is taking place, which for some is not so easy to understand.

However, we can always receive help if we are willing to accept it. And sometimes that help comes from quite entertaining places, like the comic strips of this father of a family named Chris Grady, who already has some time recounting his family experiences in a quite creative and entertaining way. And it is that Grady is dedicated to drawing sobering comics, where he can share the experiences he has had with his two children, thanks to his beautiful project which he called Lunarbaboon.

It is through this that Grady affirms that he has managed to combat his episodes of anxiety and depression, always trying to focus on the positive aspects of life, trying to see the pleasant side of the things that appear in our day-to-day life.

That is how this man has turned the most basic aspects of daily life into an illustration full of love and understanding, which tries to reflect the human, honest and kind side that anything in our life can have.

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And as expected, Grady is inspired by his family, because he feels fortunate to have the wife he has, someone persevering who has fought alongside him, and who he defines as his ideal partner. This has given a positive and healthy approach to each of his drawings, leaving aside that fanciful part that everything has to be light, colors, and smiles, and moving more towards the human and authentic part of life, as a process. natural healing by accepting things as they are.

“The comic is my escape valve and the place to go to express what I feel,” says Grady of his drawings. “It is not really a cure for anxiety and depression. There aren’t any that I’m aware of at the moment, but it definitely helps channel some of that energy. Instead of letting my mind turn over and over again around negative thoughts, I try to turn it around comic ideas. ”

The truth of this is that Grady’s followers feel fully identified with his stories, and that is how they began to send him messages of hope that motivated him to continue making his wonderful art.
That is why today we are going to show you the 10 most interesting comic strips by this extraordinary artist, which will present you with very interesting and honest life lessons that we should all learn throughout our existence on this planet.


















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