25 Remorseless Comics Created By An Artist Who Laughs At Everything

Society has many problems and that is not a secret. Many artists create art related to these problems: to raise awareness and talk about the things we have to change so that the world is a better place for everyone.

That is exactly what artist Domien Delforge does. This comic book artist and illustrator creates art about toxic masculinity, gender stereotypes, women’s issues, and many other things. His art is sometimes dark and twisted and often has sexual and political themes. However, Domien manages to capture your attention and not only make you laugh, but also make you think.

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My father always said: a dirty mind is a joy forever. I love that. But overall: it’s about the importance of humor and being able to laugh at just about anything. Making jokes is important. to bring messages with a more serious tone to a wide audience. And laughing with everything is important to fight against censorship because censorship today is a global enemy for many people.




Domien Delforge shared his inspiration for creating art: “Almost everything that happens around me. During the day, I work in a bank, which most people find quite boring. It is a fact that working for a bank means following a lot of rules and regulations. I always think that following these rules during the day frees my mind to be able to create art at night. By doing illustrations, there are no rules and anything is possible.




The artist shares what led him to art: “I was always interested in art, especially pop art. As a child, we had a huge Lichtenstein print at home, which always fascinated me. My wife has been doing illustrations for a longer time, so we had everything. at home to make them (computer, Wacom tablet, software, …) A few years ago I was bored at home and started playing with it. After a few months, I opened an Instagram page to share it and that was more or less the start of everything.




Domien explained why he chose to create the kind of illustrations he does: “I like to find the balance between happy and playful colors, sending a message that can be political activism or just dirty-minded. Spreading a message in a playful way allows you to reach a wider audience. Also: I’m not the best illustrator ever, so my style also represents a lack of pure illustrative talent.




Domien describes his art as cartoony, pop-art type drawings. The artist mentioned that someone with an open mind and above all dirty understands them better. Domien described his drawing style as simple and clear, heavily influenced by pop art, dotwork, etc.: “I want my works to be clear in less than 5 seconds, that’s what I want.





Domien told us how he comes up with the ideas and themes for these illustrations: Sometimes if something comes up on the news, an image pops into my head. It often happens just before I go to sleep, lying on my bed. Always I send myself an email at that point so I don’t forget. It often happens to me that I wake up in the morning and 5 emails with random words appear in my inbox. Then I try to redo the image in my head.







My favorite part is when an image in my head is created almost identical,” Damien says when asked to describe what he likes best about creating art. “The hardest part is not being able to make an image as good as the one in my head. I don’t specifically like the drawing part, I like to see how an image is made. That’s why I also like the engraving. I love the screen printing: a whole day turning blank pages into art is extremely satisfying.













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