Artist Create 20 Comics With Funny Twists By VeryCereals


The comic is a quick and easy way to make you happy and we are rewarded with talented artists from all over the world who give us a fresh and original sense of humor. Muhammad al-Mayawati created a series of comics, which are definitely noteworthy.

You will need to keep a smile on your face every day: funny and clever insights about life, real-life situations with funny twists, sweet and wholesome little stories, wild humorous cartoons that pop Will appreciate culture lovers and games, and more random, but funny things. It’s hard to categorize the style of articles and comics, but the artist’s curiosity and creative pursuit that gives us unexpected content twice a week are what we need to keep in our fun! I assure you, there is at least one comic in this gallery that each of you will enjoy regardless of your specific humor.

VeryCereals started posting comics a year ago and now has 10k followers on Instagram. If you like this comic, show some love to the artist by laughing at it every day!

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I really like learning new skills. The Internet was becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, which gave me the opportunity to pull from a large pool of information to do so. I started learning some card tricks, learned pen spinning, and how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. , And such stuff to an amateur but still satisfying extent, unless, I really want to learn to draw. There was no special reason other than to master this skill. So, like any kid who wants to learn how to draw, I searched for anime tutorials on YouTube and left. ”











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