Deadly cat turns up after 3 years Montecito mudslides

Miracle cat reunites with her owner after vanishing 3 years ago in deadly California mudslides as we have a tendency to pass the third anniversary of the sorrowful Montecito Debris Flow, we’ve got a “tail” that certain to spark tears of sorrow and of joy.



Patches disappeared the night of the Montecito Debris flow in the month 2018 January  a devastation that our community can always remember. It had been assumed that Patches had passed away together with her owner Josie who was, tragically, a victim of the mudslides.

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Thus once a stray calico cat was brought to ASAP in December 2020, it had been a shock to find, upon scanning her micro-chip, that she was, in fact, the long lost Patches.


Josie and her partner Norm (who miraculously survived that fateful night) were long-time supporters of ASAP, and once we discovered that Patches’ micro-chip was registered in Josie’s name, we have a tendency to be able to contact their family and facilitate a reunion no one thought possible.

Norm, pictured here reuniting with Patches, had no idea that she was still alive. He was overwhelmed once he came to choose her informed New Year’s Eve, like he’d seen a ghost. And in a way, it was almost like he had. Even a lot of unbelievable, is that the fact that Patches was found less than a quarter mile away from her original residence in Montecito.



Though we do not know exactly what she’s been doing together with her life for the past 03 years, we can see that both Patches and Norm are excited to be reunited.

We are so grateful that, with the support of our incredible community, not only are we able to save lives, however we are frequently able to help these special reunions happen. As we see again time to time, a lost cat with a micro-chip has a much greater chance of being reunited with their family no matter how, or for away long.





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