Dog takes care of an orphaned kitten that was found on a farm, since he came home, he has been her company, and now they are inseparable.

Thanks to a great family and dog, an orphaned kitten found a loving new home. Little she was wandering alone on a farm, exposing herself to the dangers that a feline her age could have.

Morgan, the owner of the farm, and mother of 5 four-legged children did not plan to also have a new cat, but fate brought him home.

Mrs. Morgan had heard the meows coming from outside her farm, but it was almost impossible to find the cat.

Dog takes care of an orphaned kitten


“We tried to call her, but we couldn’t find her in the thick layer of trees behind our farm. We took one of our big cats to where she was crying, and he smelled her right away. She was on a little tree stump ».

After finding her, they made the decision to leave her there, because they thought that maybe her mother would come back and take her home.

The little girl was watched from afar, after waiting several hours, they knew they had to intervene because it was very risky to leave her out in the open.

“When it got dark we got nervous for her because we live on a farm where foxes come a lot. So I went out and brought her inside. She couldn’t see anything and she was covered in fleas.’

After getting her home, they gave her a much-needed bath and got all the fleas off her fur, and named her Polly.

Paxton, the 12-year-old dog who lives in Polly’s new home, heard the kitten’s screeching and immediately came to check on her. From that moment the gentle dog took Polly and began to take care of her, it was as if he had wanted to adopt her and take care of her little girl.


The kitten felt attracted to the furry, felt safe, snuggled up next to him, stopped crying and fell asleep peacefully.

Polly never wanted to experience loneliness again, and from now on Paxton would never leave her side.

Morgan took it upon herself to bottle-feed her for several weeks, until she was ready to be weaned. When it was time to eat, Paxton waited patiently while he watched his kitten eat, when he finished, the dog began the cleaning tasks.

Morgan said:

“Before she could take a bath, Paxton would clean up all the milk from her. He has taught him many things about dogs, including the barking noise that he makes.

Now Polly follows her friend everywhere, they have become inseparable, it is as if she has become his little shadow.

The little orphaned kitten has become quite a rambunctious cat, Paxton lets her play with her tail and never tires of her antics.

They do everything together and are completely inseparable, sleeping together and playing with the same toys.


Polly is now 5 months old and Paxton is almost 13 years old, their bond has become so strong that it is almost impossible to separate them.




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