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Dog Owner Creates A Comic About How Wrong The ‘It’s Just A Dog’ Attitude Is

Nothing compares to feeling your unconditional love every time you have it. That being said, I guess if you’re not crazy about them. You may have allergies, you may really like cats, I don’t know. However, what I don’t understand is that someone is dealing with these animals. Nor is the French artist Lucille aka Notidee.

Last week, he tweeted a joke titled “It’s just a dog”, addressing everyone who could say that about their dog, Neos. The Mukhlis Patti not only describes Notidee’s pup and his personality but also captures their beautiful bond perfectly.

The comics went viral instantly, and according to this article, there are over 170K likes and 48K tweets. Let’s hope it reaches those who have been instructed.

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Notidee is a freelance artist from Strasbourg, France. she worked with animals all his life, but his job as a wildlife mediator/painter for the French equivalent of Birdlife was the spark that set him apart from becoming a full-time artist. “she works on speaking artistically on many fronts, and she currently putting most of my energy into an upcoming visual novel [Kernell].

Neos is a five-year-old Japanese Spitz who shattered my world on his own. “He came to me at three months old [with health and reaction problems], and forced me to repeat everything I thought I knew about dogs from the ground up.

According to the American Canal Club, reactions are more effective than certain stimuli or conditions and are usually associated with aggression. Reaction to external stimuli is a very strong reaction. One of its most common displays is barking and pounding. Dogs can react to people, animals, other dogs, noises, movement, or any of the above. Basically, it’s a reaction to something outside that is upsetting the dog. Genetics, lack of socialization, inadequate self-control training, horrible experiences, or a combination of these can cause reactions, and fear is usually the driving force.

Image credits: @Notideeart

The Notidee said that dedicated pet owners, and especially those who see practical or more fragile animal needs, surround their jobs with the amount of work, money, and time it takes to make a living for their pets. Can be made a little easier. . I hoped it would help bridge the gap between the comics and the people around me who struggle to understand us, but I didn’t think the message would resonate with many.

That’s how people reacted to the heartwarming comic


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