Guy Photoshops Himself Having Fun Adventures With Disney Characters And The Result Is Adorably Funny (30 Pics)

As children, many of us have dreamed of magical places where we would have jungle adventures with some of our cool friends we met in an imaginary world. These friends will take us to who we are and of course, these wild adventures will be a lot of fun in the world without caring. Let’s face it – most of them are inspired by fantasy movies we saw as children, and most of them combine real life with fiction. Mary Poppins (1964), Con Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Space Jam (1996), and many more films have convinced us that the world is full of magic and that it is possible to meet some imaginary creatures in the real world. ۔ Although these films convinced the crowded cinemas, as we got older we realized that this magic is not so common in the real world. However, one artist refused to grow up, so he decided to use the magic of Photoshop to immerse himself in the magical world of Disney.

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Luigi Kemo Volo is a bachelor’s, graphic designer, and illustrator from Naples, Italy. He is best known for his photo manipulation where he magically brings Disney characters into real life as if they were real people. Ever since he was a child, he has always loved Disney movies and was a big fan of many Disney characters. He was also fond of drawing – humor, and animations – which led to the creation of the series.










However, luck was not always with Chemo as his creative aspirations were difficult to fulfill due to his financial constraints. He started his career as a full-time bartender and also got some weird part-time jobs as a photographer at various events or advertising camping. He entered the arts in 2002 when he started doing street art and later worked as a writer. Ten years later, he embarked on a journey into the depths of photography, and in 2014, became an independent painter.

























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