A homeless dog was found by the side of the road in the snow, in Canada, while she was curled up warming several abandoned kittens

While driving in her car on a freezing night in Ontario, Canada, a kind-hearted person saw something that made her stop. Curled up on a snowy road, a homeless dog was shivering, but she wasn’t alone.

Although she could have found a safer place to spend the cold night, she did not only think of herself.

When this person got a little closer, he noticed that the friendly little dog was snuggled up with five orphaned kittens, which she was hugging to keep them warm in those low temperatures.

The homeless dog curled up with kittens in the snow


Realizing this, he took them to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter. The dog and the kittens formed an incredible bond.

A spokesperson for the shelter told The Dodo :

“It’s really moving! It had been a very cold night, so these kittens would have had a hard time surviving.”

The kittens are now safe thanks to this homeless dog, but they require treatment for fleas and parasites. Meanwhile, the sweet little dog insists on monitoring her progress by visiting them regularly, like a proud and devoted mother.

It is not yet known where the dog and kittens originally came from, or if they knew each other before that night. But staff at the Pet and Wildlife Rescue are hoping someone will come forward to claim them, if not they will be put up for adoption.


Thanks to this brave little dog, a sad ending for the kittens was transformed into a happy one.

Shelter staff finally said:

“Our staff sees many difficult situations on a daily basis and stories like this make every headache worth it.”




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