25+ Rescue animals that show love heals all wounds

It is heartbreaking to see what some animals have to endure living on the streets. While some are lucky enough to be cared for by locals, others need rescuing and feeding to be happy, and most importantly and healthy.

At Now Wake Up we have a great admiration for animals that can thrive, and we want to share with you 29 examples of their strength.

Her name is Hana, we rescued her from an animal shelter two and a half years ago. On the left, the shelter volunteers found her and wandered through the woods. On the right side it now looks like this rescue dog


Her name is Olly. Olly was rescued by a group in South Korea rescuing dogs that were kept in restaurants (for eating) and in other difficult situations. He was unlikely to be adopted there as he was bald and a black mestizo. He was sent to our town for the rescue, he was adopted over 2 years ago.

To truly appreciate him, one has to see what he looked like the day he was saved.


This is Zuko, named for the avatar’s character because he had an eye infection when he was a kitten. Several of my cities found him home last summer after seeing him cry in a backyard.

Taken from a group of school children who said they would drown him in the toilet.


Scarlett, from an unkempt foster bean to the prettiest lady

That little look was given up 3 months ago and meowed on the verge of famine for help. His ears were so clogged that he could barely hear them, with multiple ticks on him.


Hit the butter. The dwarf in his bunk found himself hungry, abandoned and completely deaf by the roadside. Friends saved him and gave him the love he needed to be a happy child after a year

Pup the day: She was too scared to be there and 2 months later to be her new best friend.


Shelter vs. Home after a week: Adopting this lovely 9 year old 10 month old

Leonard was wild when he found him, but now he’s a completely strange gentleman.


The local animal shelter released a post-adoption update for this puppy – check out the glow.

Today is Jester’s first year, the day he fostered her a year ago and couldn’t let her go. Can you blame us? I mean look at that face.


Helen was found at 5 weeks of age, underweight, infested with fleas, and full of parasites. She is now 4 months old and ready to be adopted.

It took this poor 10 year old a year to go from being brutal to being healthy and active.


4 years ago I saw a pair of blue eyes on the side of the road. She had a broken leg, was infected with ticks and fleas, and was severely malnourished. She is the best slut i will ever have.

They called her Shamsie (sounds like a belly)

Two months he had a near zero chance of survival after his former family (dog breeders) neglected proper care.

  1. Nimbus was saved when she was just a wrinkled sheet, she has since become a model.

  1. Luna used to fit in the palm of hand.

Hazel was a stray dog ​​who was rescued after being trapped in a steel trap for about 5 days. He lost his leg but found his home. It is 8 weeks after returning home.


I met up with Simba again a month before the photo on the left was taken so he’s already made great strides since finding him, but now he’s here after another three months of love.

From babies with a respiratory infection and full of worms to greatest lovers. From now on, Tobin only has good things in his future.

Meet billy. Found from home with a terrible case of stomatitis. Complete tooth extraction and 2 years later he’s pretty good now.

Five months of hard work and patience brought us to this moment.

His name is Bojack.

How it started now how it’s going

Above left is the return trip from Refuge, the rest after the first 3 months in your eternal home.

A local vet treated this rescued parasite for a severe fungal / ringworm case a few months ago. Check it out now.

Do you have any happy animal rescue stories? Let us know your before and after photos in the comments!


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