10+ animals that are crazy about their owners and are not able to hide it

Some pets prefer to hide their emotions, only occasionally arrogantly glancing at the owners, while others with all their looks show that they are crazy about their two-legged parents. Cats and dogs from our material belong to the second type of pets. This can be understood by their piercing gaze, which goes straight into the soul and heart. Be prepared for the fact that while watching these photos you will often want to take a deep breath and say: “Oooh!”

“My sister’s husband just saved a kitten. You look with what kind of love he looks at him. ”


“We do not deserve dogs”

“A woman and her cat on a bus. There is so much love in the look of the animal


My brother went to graduation with our cat. It seems the cat is crazy about him.

“I woke up, and she looks at me like that”


“I just took this freak out of the shelter. His name is Tucker, and he is a good boy. “

Find yourself a person who will look at you just like our dog looks at my dad


She wanted me to stop working.

We brought Charlie home a month ago, and I still can’t get used to her look full of love


She makes such a face every time my husband holds her

My husband was not allowed to have pets. Guess what we did first thing after buying an apartment


“Dad and our kitten adore each other”

Sometimes I just turn around, and she looks at me like that.


What is it if not love?

“Our new family member purred and looked at me all the time on the way home”


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