People shared funny photos of their cats sitting in strange poses.

Any owner of cats can confirm to you that sometimes the behavior of these animals simply does not lend itself to logic. These furry freaks really amaze people with their actions and habits.

Recently, a woman on Twitter launched a thread in which she urged cat owners to share photos of their pets sitting in funny and weird poses. The best pictures of woolen fools have been collected for you in our material.

“Our cat’s favorite pose. My boyfriend even made me such a pendant. ”


“When I got up at 6 in the morning to arrange a tygdyk, and by 8 o’clock I was already tired”

“My Meatball”


“He saw terrible things.”

“When the existential crisis came”


“Our pregnant kitty”

“It seems he is developing a plan to capture humanity”


The happy cat we photographed in Ephesus

In a past life, he was a skater.


“Draw me as one of your French women”

He can sit like this for hours.


“His name is Burger, and we adore him”

“Our tumbler cat”


“A lover to put a paw on the wall”

“It seems that quarantine affects the weight of our cat”


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