20 Absurd Situations and Silly Humor Comics by Paul Woods

Paul Woods, also known as “Woodsy”, is a 41-year-old cartoonist and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. He creates fun single-panel comics, and you may find it hard to keep a smile on your face while you flip through them.

Paul is a big fan of using wordplay and puns to make his single-panel comics come to life. With all that said, we suggest you scroll down and see the artist’s work for yourself. Also, don’t forget to let us know in the comments which comic was your favorite and why.

Credit: Paul Woods



I have been always interested in drawing, I remember that in high school I drew caricatures of my teachers and made my friends laugh. When I lived in London a local magazine was looking for a regular comic and I started doing Insert Brain Here, this must have been around 2008. It’s been going well since then.


Given Paul’s answer above, we asked the artist what inspired him to make comics, and here’s what he told us after some consideration: “Documents, movies, my kids. Sometimes I see a particular animal on TV or outside”. “And an idea occurs to me. I love making people laugh.”




Woods previously mentioned that art has always been present in his way of life, since the artist went to school he already found art something therapeutic.

“As with question one, I have always been interested in drawing, since school. I see it as something therapeutic, it is nice to disconnect and do something I enjoy. That said, being a comic artist is not my specialty.” In my part-time job, however, my comics are published in several regular newspapers in Australia and the UK.”
























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