20 New Joseph Nowak Single Panel Comics That Are Sure to Lift Your Spirits

Joseph Nowak is a comics artist grounded in Berlin. He creates delightful single-panel comics that are sure to lift your spirits. The stylish thing about Nowak’s art is that you can not prognosticate what will be next. In his strange, made-up world, anything can be, and that is what makes his cartoons really instigative.

I just want to make others laugh. Some ideas may need a little study, while others may help people see the effects in a different way.

Credit: Joseph Nowak



Bored Panda reached out to Nowak again to learn further about his creative process and himself. We were curious to know if there is anything different, like other types of art or artists, that has really told how he makes his comics. The artist believed that fat generators forcing themselves to produce, indeed during lockdown occurrences, helped him get into a good meter.” Someone like Stephen King( who claims to write 1,000 words a day, good or bad) taught me that stylish work comes after you filter out all the padding that builds up in your mind. I carry a list of cartoon ideas with me wherever I go. Go and try to add further diurnal. In the end, and after checking it, a commodity like 80 is noway uprooted.”




When it comes to having specific rituals or routines for creating comics, Nowak said that he does not have any in particular that he can put into words. He mentioned a little bit of hipsterism hop and a room to me are the constituents I treasure most, although I still frequently perform in place of these.”

























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