18 Parenting Comics I Created to Share My Frustrations in a Fun Way

Becoming a father to a boy named Vincent had fundamental changes in my life and was full of challenges that every new father faces. Lack of sleep, losing the old β€œme” as I knew it, and second-guessing every conflicting decision I made as a parent made me feel like I was failing at everything.

As my son grew into a happy child, I realized that we struggle to compete with some imagined ideals of parenting while we are all secretly learning to reshape our lives around our children. That’s when I decided to create these short satirical comic strips documenting my experiences as a new mom, which I call “Toddlerama – uncensored parenting.”

It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it keeps me up at night, and it gives me sources of energy I didn’t think existed, but most importantly, it inspires me to draw again as I move forward on the path to being a mom.

Credit: Instagram

#1 Working from home.


I’ve been surrounded and fascinated by comics since I was little. The first book of my childhood was a collection of comics by Danish cartoonist Herluf Bidstrup, who still has a great influence on me. The other, and even more significant, impact was my older brother, Rokas, who used to draw alien battlefield comics as a kid.

#2 Life is like a Jenga game sometimes.

#3 So close yet so far.



#5 When the real panic sets in.


#6 Memo for all the future parents.

#7 Mealtime logics.


#8 Sleeping is for the weak.

#9 Baby brain is not a myth.





#12 Bedtime exorcism you never know where it take you.










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