20 Of My Funniest Single-Panel Comics

My name is Lonnie Easterling, and I have been drawing” Spud Comics” for nearly nine times. They are single-panel cartoons that I write, draw, essay, and color. Spud Comics have nothing to do with potatoes( although I have drawn some potato comics then and there). My forefather’s surname for me was” Spud”, so I allowed
I’d use that to name the silly studies I’d draw on paper.

Credit: Lonnie Easterling

#1 Buddy system.


#2 Crowed for food.

#3 Useless.


#4 Hacked.

#5 Underpinning speed.


#6 Life Gave me a lot of Lemons.

#7 Bring your cat to work day?


Lonnie Easterling has been drawing “ Spud Comics ” for nearly nine times. They’re single-panel cartoons that he writes, draws, inks, and colors. He can find further than 1,100 on the Facebook and Twitter websites. Spud Comics has nothing to do with potatoes( although he did draw many comics about potatoes then and there). The surname his forefather gave him was “ Spud, ” so he allowed of using that name for the silly studies he drew on paper.

#8 Head and tail settled.

#9 Bull’s psychology.


#10 Frog,pig.

#11 DC comics.


#12 Fishing.

#13 Guess, what was cat’s wish?


#14 Bunny.

#15 A nose ring.


#16 Hang the colthes.

#17 Trapped.


#18 This will noway work.

#19 Mood.

#20 Abominated.

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