Utmost of us presumably flashback to the old- academy review comics, full of puns, jokes about women
and misters, and all feathers of motifs. They were generally relatively brief and straight to the point. Well, if you flash back them, Doug Hill’s comics will presumably make you feel a little nostalgic.

Doug is better known as laughing hippo studio on his social media. The artist created Potpourri Cartoons, as well as the comics Bartoons and Off The Wall. His style is simple, evocative of review comics, and is made from a single panel. As for Doug’s humor, it’s enough silly, full of imputations, puns, and unanticipated consummations.

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Doug manages to capture the followership with his comics, not only because of the simple style or the one-panel illustrations but also because of his unique humor. Some will feel nostalgic, some have noway seen these types of comics and will be interested just because of that. It’s really delightful to see that this style is still over and running.




His comics are funny and frequently veritably mischievous and dirty. The motifs and motifs he chooses are occasionally parlous, but it’s all for fun. The artist makes fun of society, marriages, mortal feelings, and numerous other effects. He does not hold back and is not hysterical to tell it like it is.








The artist says that the themes he chooses to deal with are veritably broad” nearly anything. Whatever comes to mind. I’ve only done one political cartoon, nearly simply general humor. I’ve two other series, Off The Wall, which deals with dungeon humor, and Bartoons.” Doug also describes his style and type of humor” My style is occasionally semi-realistic, loose at times, but infrequently a strange work of art. My humor is substantially grounded in real life. Humor that numerous people can relate to. occasionally I guess it’s Boomer humor.”( I am 73 times old), and some a little crooked too.”





















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