20 Still A Good Mom Illustrations Encouraging Moms To Ditch “Social Norms”


After giving birth to her second child, Jamina Bone was subjected to a post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PPD.

“It went through a very educational approach where I was constantly looking for the best way to handle every aspect,” he said.
I planned activities, limited screen time, and made every opportunity a learning moment. I was a special educator before I had a baby so it was all I wanted and felt I was equipped to do it all. When PPD was targeted, it was like walking through mud and even through Quixand and is still expected to do everything.

She felt broken, incapable of being the mother of her perfect little animal, and wanted to run away. “I had negative thoughts in my mind and often imagined horrible things ranging from hurting myself to the death of my children. Being isolated for the first several months and lack of sleep were the definite factors There were those who were depressed but could not cope with her sudden death. My mother-in-law had cancer when I was pregnant. I did not know that these were risk factors. ” Is depressed She just thought she was failing.

However, over time, the bone managed to get out of the hut. Now, the mother of both is encouraging the “mother beyond measure” to dig into social norms and embrace their true virtues. She is doing this as a way to reflect on everyday situations. Bon reminds people through her pictures that a woman can be skeptical and she can still be a good mother. She can feel frustrated and still be a good mother. Most importantly, she can be herself, forget the mild cheerful mindset and still be a good mother.

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