Artist’s Create 20 Hilarious Comics About Life With His Cat

It’s so clear what kind of life the cats are going through. They choose the right person who will fulfill their every desire. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. As long as you keep the bowl full and give them plenty of pets,

Everyday life Nick Filippou enjoys with his cat, Minnie. The couple lives a very satisfying life, just as Nick portrayed them in his ‘I Cat’ comics. Yes, the title is a beautiful way to use animal ac-cents as it is about everyday semen events.

Nick uses art styles that highlight the material. But the conversation between the man and the cat, which is minimal, will encourage you to hit your cat right now.

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Minnie Nick has a rescue cat, which she adopted from Baltimore 5 years ago. This was the shelter where Nick volunteered. Minnie was a vagabond who had been infected and had her ears c-ut off to indicate she was part of a TNR program. But this was not Nick’s first cat experience.














Hilariously, Nick’s father was one of those who said, “I don’t like cats.” Nick’s first cat, Binx, now lives with his father, which makes him very bad. He moved into an apartment and left the binx in the care of his parents. Nick, who is now married, has also adopted a boxer dog named Danny. You can also see Danny in some of Nick’s comics.












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