A faithful hound in his old age ended up in a shelter

Thoroughbreds also cry – with this capacious phrase we can describe the story of our today’s heroine, a Russian hound from St. Petersburg named Desi. At an already mature age (about 8 years old) Desi became objectionable to her owners and ended up in the “Island of Hope” shelter.


Obedient and educated Desi, even in shelter conditions that were completely alien to her, behaved in an exemplary manner. She carried out commands, went for walks, did not cause any inconvenience to the employees.

The social dog got along well with all the people and other residents of the shelter. Emotional stability and calm disposition made her an excellent companion that could easily fit into the life of any owner.


However, the age Desi was still not lucky: she continued to live in the orphanage, months flew by, and there were still no people who wanted to take the beauty away.


After almost a year of living in a shelter, Desi was able to find her owners. Alexandra and her family members noticed a video about Desi on the Internet and then decided to get to know her and take her with them.


Here is what Alexandra tells about her pet:

“She is very calm, friendly, and delicate. I immediately understood where she belongs in the apartment: I arranged two places for her in both rooms – she only lays down where she is made. It seems to me that in the “past” – pre-shelter – the life she was an urban, very well-bred dog: she walks clearly in the center of the sidewalk to my left, the road crosses exclusively along a pedestrian crossing (I wanted to cut a little at a traffic light and go slightly along diagonally, but she persistently walked along with the zebra). At home she walks inaudibly, wagging her tail, asking to go outside. I didn’t even think there were such comfortable dogs! ”

It is a pleasure to look at Desi’s home photos! How wonderful that there are still people who are not afraid to give their warmth to the animals that have come to the shelter. Let’s take an example from them.

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