At almost any parking lot, you can meet loyal guards – dogs that randomly nailed to the full of life place and often remain there as watchmen. But it so happens that the parking lots stop working, and then the tails have no choice but to wander sadly through the wreckage of their former life, hoping that someday people will still return.

In such a situation was a black dog named Asya. Her journey began when, as a puppy, Asya was thrown to one of the camps in Petrozavodsk. At that time, it was possible to make her a guard only thanks to the care and efforts of Marina, a zoological volunteer. She visited the dog and tried to look after her, but at some point, she decided that now her ward was definitely not in danger, and people would not leave her.


However, the situation changed dramatically when the parking lot ceased operations. The employees abandoned the faithful guard and left, and she remained to carry the now unnecessary service to anyone. Marina, having learned about this, came to the aid of her old friend.

Asya was distinguished by her kind disposition and high intelligence. She loved to communicate with people, quickly got used to walking on a leash, and showed only friendliness to everyone around.


Now the volunteer was looking for a permanent home for Asya, and not a temporary place of work, as it was before. Surprisingly, Marina drew attention to the beauty, who wished to become her mistress.

Marina has several cats, two Caucasian shepherd dogs and a Spitz. Asya got into such a friendly company. She really liked this neighborhood!


Now this dog is surrounded by love and attention. She walks around her territory all day, plays with friends and bathes in the care of her mistress. Isn’t that every dog’s dream? Woof!




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