Not far from St. Petersburg, in the fields, indifferent people randomly stumbled upon a whole brood of puppies who were confused, trying to hide and looked with surprise eyes at the guests who showed up. It was decided to save the kids, and people turned for help to one of the best shelters in the city – “Islet of Hope“.

Among the fluffy-tailed guys, the main character of our today’s history, a puppy named Lukyan, stood out especially. Chocolate wool with white marks, large ears, expressive sad eyes … How not to regret this!

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Lukyan promised to grow into a medium-sized dog. It was definitely not intended for protection, but it was not difficult to make a companion and friend of the family out of him. Most of all, the puppy liked to learn new things and communicate with people.

Lukyan, among other advantages, had another bright gift: the ability to build well, very sad faces! Even when everything was fine, he managed to look very dramatic. Apparently, in my heart, I dreamed of becoming an actor.


Little Lukyan really needed to find a house in puppyhood. And so it happened! Once his usual, slightly gloomy autumn evening was painted with joyful news: future owners came for Lukyan.

Doggie readily jumped into the arms of his newly-made mistress and joyfully rushed home in a car. He really liked the apartment: still, so much space – and that’s all for him!


Just look at how handsome Lukyan grew up in the good hands of his masters! True, he did not lose his talent for making a sad pug. We believe and hope that someday Lukyan will definitely receive a dog, Oscar. Woof 🙂




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