Shelter kitten melted the heart of an adult cat

The woman took a tiny red-haired miracle from the shelter and was worried about how her domestic cats would react to a new family member. The kitten really wanted to make friends with them, but they did not pay attention to him. A kitten named Hammy was brought from a street to a shelter in Virginia, USA, and he really needed a house. He was sad at the shelter until he was seen by a woman who immediately decided to pick him up.


On the way to his new home, Hammy squeaked nonstop, until the new mistress picked him up to calm him down. From that moment, Hammy realized that he was safe!

Several cats lived in the house of the new mistress named Ann, but the kitten could not find a common language with them. Adult cats could not get used to the super-active Hammy.


For one of the cats, Shortcake, the baby showed particular interest. He followed her with his tail, trying to make friends, but the strict lady did not pay attention to him.

The cat tolerated all attempts by Hammy to play, and only after more than two weeks, finally began to soften. Shortcake adopted the kitten, allowing him to spend more and more time nearby.


Soon, the hostess saw them hugging on the couch – the heart of a strict cat finally melted! Since then, the two have surprisingly become friends.


Shortcake began to teach her little ward how to do cat things – eat adult food, play with toys, and wash herself. She replaced Hammy with an older sister that he never had.

Like a real older sister, Shortcake suffers all the ridiculous antics of his cat brother, looks after him and loves with all his heart!


Although the red-haired handsome Hammy has grown enough already, some things do not change. He still adores his older sister and annoys her a little, and Shortcake is also wise and patient.



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