Adorable moment dog limps in sympathy for his owner with injured leg

The owners of a con artist dog have revealed how their pet made them believe he was sick by imitating its owner.

Billy the Dog captured the heart of the nation after a video of him hobbling next to his owner generated millions of views on social media.

The eight-year-old looter jumped next to Russell Jones, who was using crutches after breaking an ankle.

dog-copies-limp from-him-out-of-sympathy


Jones spent about £ 300 on vets and x-rays for his lame dog, only to find the dog copied him out of sympathy.

Jones and his wife Michelle showed up this morning to reveal how Billy began to limp after Russell broke his ankle.

The window cleaner, Mr. Jones, laughed and remembered how Michelle surprised Billy when he realized he was only limping when her husband was in the room.

Jones, believed to be from London, used social media to share footage of his beloved stalker jumping into the street with his paw up to mimic his owner’s movements.

Since then, the video has received more than two million social media views, and Jones then took to Facebook to write, “Cost me £300 in vet fees and X-rays, nothing wrong just sympathy. Love him


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She told Holly and Phil this morning about how she broke her ankle last June, and people around the world have given her advice on how to treat her allegedly injured dog.

He said, “As I hobbled around the house the next day, Michelle noticed that I was imitating. We were afraid something might happen to her foot, so we went to the vet the next day.

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