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20 Comics inspired by moments from we everyday life

Comics inspired by moments from we everyday life

Now Wake Up creating a webcomic series about my everyday life called “NWU Comics“. I love animation, video games, movies, anime / manga, and travel so these are just some of the themes you can get from NWU Comics.

We always loved to draw and create. This love arose out of need to express ourself through art. Some of young inspirations as a kid were comics, Japanese comics, and animation. We started making comics about our family’s travel at a young age. Our parents, older sister and we were the characters and they were all based on real events that we found funny.

When we were a teenager, we started own comic series called “Martha”. The main character was secretly inspired by own personality with a little more awkwardness. We went to school and told our co-workers we had new episodes and shared stories with anyone interested in reading. It was something that other kids and family wanted to read, and we were very grateful for it.

Then we went to high school and college. we think by that point we were really focused on other dream, animation. So we stopped doing comics as many times as before. We continued to create personal comics about our trips to other countries and the silly episodes that occur. When we started working, we really couldn’t do animation. It was a difficult time. So we started publishing NWU Comics on Tapastic and finally remembered how happy we were to make comics and share them with others!

Now we work as a successful 3D animator and official comic artist. We all have random data about ourselves and we should all share it. Many of them are easy to identify! We hope you all like it!

Dog from comics

Surviving the work week is like a chubby, hungry! It starts out nice and easy, but by the end the weekend feels like a myth.


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