Argentina wins Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022, In a huge soccer match, Messi’s team wins its third World Cup and elevates Messi to infinity | The prodigious performance of Mbappé, author of a ‘hat trick’ was not enough for France

Argentina wins Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022

The tears of Messi raised to heaven, hallowed be his name, where the blood of a country once again ran through the arteries of world football. Infinite and forever, the best footballer of all time finally reached his destiny in Qatar, honoring the prophecy that pointed to him as the messiah who would return the World Cup to Argentina, already a three-time champion. 36 years had passed since the ball became flesh in Maradona and this Sunday the soul of ‘Pelusa’ was transubstantiated into the most brilliant of his heirs for a nation that feels football is something more than a religion.

All of this happened in the all-time final, an unparalleled tribute to the career of an incomparable legend and a vibrant fan base that made the World Cup their own from day one. We had to wait until the penalties because the one who will be the new king of football, Kylian Mbappé, also a country on his broad shoulders, resigned himself up to three times to the fact that the Albiceleste story was perfect. But not even his three goals were enough to stop the mystique and derail the destiny written for this World Cup, already logically the last of Messi’s immense career.

Hero Montiel

Argentine players celebrate winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup today, after the penalty shootout against France at the Lusail stadium (Qatar). EFE

It was not the second consecutive World Cup for France, but the third for Argentina. 1978, 1986 and now 2022 as Jacobean years. Already year 0 after Messi, at the Lusail stadium, football rewarded the passion with which Argentina played the entire final, against the French spasms resulting from the defibrillator effect of its greatest star. The penalties only reinforced the beauty of the conquest, with a day laborer like Montiel in the role of hero, marking Argentina’s fourth, enough before Dibu Martínez’s save against Coman and Tchouaméni’s failure.




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