Artist Takes Characters From Pop Culture And Switches Their Gender (24 photos)


Canadian artist and illustrator Sakimi Chen has created an interesting series of pieces of the famous characters’ gender twists. In this series, the 29-year-old artist, also known as Sakisakimi, takes a role in pop culture and reverses his genre, and the results are amazing. Many of these gender-changing characters look more attractive than ever!

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His dream-like digital portrait features characters from Disney, Studio Gabley Movies, video games (such as League of Legends and The Legend of Zelda), and even popular animated movie classics such as The Nightmare Before Christmas. Examples include the men’s Disney movie classic of the same name, Hercules ‘male Pocahontas, a sophisticated male version of the 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella de Vil, Wizard Howl, and Sophie Hatter in a popular studio movie. ۔ Replaced with classic genders and more.




For his genre-twisting series, the artist tries to adapt his design to the realistic and merely visual form. However, she always adds to her creative touch to make them different and unique. Most of these features are similar to those found in popular Japanese anime or manga.




The artist is self-taught but has received guidance from some of his college teachers and game companies, for which he has worked. Although most of his skills come from hard work and experience. Schemi Chan is very playful when it comes to his work, so his digital portraits and dream-like reflections are always very detailed and flawless.

















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