The husband 25 Illustrates gave an example of daily life with his wife, proving that love is in small things.

Pascal Campion is a French-American artist based in Burbank, California who creates heartwarming and captivates with everyday life.

Inspired by Katrina, his wife of 10 years, his 9-year-old daughter, and his 6-year-old twin son, Campaign’s work drew attention to the importance of the little things. Watching autumn leaves fall, stopping the sun’s rays, holding hands in a crowded room, or reading a book with a hot cup on a rainy night, not only looks beautiful. They also encourage us to stop, look around, and think about what really matters. “Small moments are just as important as big ones,” said Campaign, describing his style as “sudden and messy in action but clear in communication.” Scroll down to see for yourself.

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#1 Consolation after a long day


#2 Waking up next to him

#3 Kiss her when she is very comfortable


#4 Immediate pillow fight

#5 Go on a hike with a picnic


#6 Keeping each other dry

#7 Whisking her off her feet


#8 Waiting for her to come home

#9 Enjoy even the most boring work


#10 Have a great day together

#11 Showing unconditional love to each other


#12 Watching the world from above

#13 Marvel at the miracles you performed together


#14 Worried when she is not answering her phone

#15 Watch the fall leaves fall as you grow older


#16 Peep through the door to see the most precious moments

#17 Be there when you need to


#18 Unexpected hugs

#19 Sharing random intimate moments together

#20 Don’t let the rain ruin your day

#21 Seeing the silver lining in any situation


#22 Proud of these small everyday accomplishments

#23 And hanging out with family

#24 Here is the artist Pascal Campaign with his children

#25 His wife Katrina gives him a lot of encouragement

#26 The reflection of the campaign reminds us to enjoy the little things, no matter how old we are.


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