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Two-tone cat is the father of two kittens who shared his colors


Beautiful cat famous for his two-tone face, he became the father of two adorable kittens who strangely shared the colors of his face.

But the surprising thing is that each took the color on either side of their face. Narnia is three years old, she has a rare genetic trait that sets her apart from the others, her face is split in half by two colors.

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Narnia is a French cat born in Paris, but living in Great Britain with her mother, Stephanie Jiminez. Since arriving, she has stolen everyone’s hearts with her beauty.

His face is quite strange, he has a gray side and a black side, he also has beautiful blue eyes, quite unusual coloring.



“When Narnia was born, I was very surprised. I knew straight away that it was exceptional. Narnia was born with a black and gray double face, which is very rare”.


Usually, these types of traits are due to a genetic defect called chimerism, a natural condition in which an individual has two different types of cells, each with a different genetic makeup. In male cats, this means that they had an extra X chromosome at the embryonic stage of development.


But, the case of Narnia is special, this rare anomaly does not apply, because when performing certain genetic tests, they revealed that it was not chimerism.

Stéphanie said:

“A geneticist performed tests and found that Narnia has only one DNA … it remains a mystery to science”.


“He also has beautiful blue eyes, which is very rare for a completely black cat. Generally, blue eyes are often found in white cats”.

But the important thing here is that Narnia became the father of two beautiful kittens, one gray and the other black, like the colors of her face.


The kittens, gray-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada, were born last year and have stolen people’s attention, not only for her beauty, but for having inherited all the colors of her father’s face.


The owner of Narnia says the handsome furry man takes on the role of father very well and is very happy with both of his creations.


Narnia is doing very well and loves to play with her kittens“.

However, this is not the first time that Narnia has been a father, he has been a father several times before and all of his children have different color variations.


Narnia has two light brown twins, Orfée and Ozanna, Roswell black, Gray Rose and two beautiful multi-colored children, Polaris and Phantom.

Unlike Phoenix and Prada, the other kittens inherited Narnia’s striking blue eyes, creating a new gene called “ice,” Stephanie explains.


Besides being a parent, this cat enjoys a life full of care and adventure.


Her kittens have grown up healthy, Phoenix has found a forever home after being adopted from a family, and Prada will soon be moving into her new home.


For now, people will continue to appreciate the strange and beautiful appearance of Narnia and her adorable kittens.


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