While playing hide and seek, a dog named Mus suddenly saw in the mirror the reflection of his master. His reaction made the internet laugh!

Spouses Shane and Lindsay from the USA played hide and seek with their 10-month-old golden retriever, nicknamed Moose. At one point, the owner hid behind the bathroom door, where he took out his phone and began to shoot the game.


Puzzled, Mus ran into the bathroom and excitedly looked for the owner, but to no avail. He had already decided to run back from the bathroom, but something stopped him ..

Mus jumped up and stood on his hind legs in front of the mirror, and suddenly saw in him the reflection of the owner. Confused by what he saw, the dog froze for several seconds, not understanding what was happening. At that moment, the mistress came to the bathroom, asking the dog “Where is he?” and hinting that the owner is nearby.


Realizing that the owner was standing nearby, the happy dog ​​immediately went to him! Take a look at his reaction to the video:

It has not been fully studied whether dogs understand the reflective properties of mirrors, as they mainly rely on their scent. However, it is believed that dogs have a sense of self-awareness to some extent.




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