The family found on its doorstep a huge alligator

That’s what it means when the day starts not with coffee! Opening the front door in the morning, the family found on their doorstep .. a 2.5-meter alligator.

Tampa, Florida, USA did not start with coffee. Opening the front door in the morning, the family found on their doorstep .. a huge alligator. The 2.5-meter reptile was chilled in the shade by the door, enjoying the coolness.


The family did everything possible to politely “persuade” the alligator to leave their doorstep, but he was unshakable. Not knowing what to do, they decided to take care of at least the postman and couriers that were expected that day. They wrote a note and glued it to the fence in front of the house.

Delivery men – stop! Please leave your packages here. An alligator is at our door (seriously), the owners wrote


After that, the family called the Wildlife Rescue Service to ensure that the guest was safely escorted to where he came from. “Most likely, he crawled from a nearby lake. Perhaps at night he was looking for a new pond, and at dawn, he decided to rest in the shade and chose this place,” said rescuers from Croc Encounters.

When the rescuers arrived, they saw that the alligator was missing two limbs – most likely due to a fight with another alligator. But this did not stop him from resisting well when the rescuers tried to pull him out of the yard. In the end, they did it.


Rescuers decided not to return this alligator back to the wild – without two limbs it will be difficult for him. Now he is safe, in a spacious reserve next to other alligators, where he is always fed and surrounded by care.

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