You take a special mind to find humor in everyday life situations. He who has the capability to look at everyday effects through the prism of Horselaugh can be considered a life hacker who managed to escape from his diurnal routine and produce new meaning for a certain content or miracle. occasionally horselaugh can show us that some effects aren’t as meaningful or important as we allowed and that in a way make life easy.

Still, we’re lucky to have people who can point out a commodity that seems normal and usual to us and make us laugh about it If it isn’t so easy for us to find funny aspects in common situations. And one of these people is Jules Burton Suits. She is a Texas-grounded cartoonist who draws minimalist single-panel comics that make everyday life situations look funny. We find these comics veritably relatable, how about you?

Credit: Jules Burton



Jules is a Texas-grounded artist who stumbled upon cartoons in 2006. The artist participated with Wearied Panda she has been a ridiculous book anthology her entire life, but noway considered them commodity she’d like to do herself. The New Yorker magazine cartoon was her favorite and she enjoyed them as soon as she could read. The artist set up Sunday comics similar to Bushmiller’s Nancy and Pogo funny and amusing. Jules grew up in a cultural terrain her parents were professional painters and university professors. Her BFA was in oil and classical Greek and her MFA was in form.




Jules’ comics are delightful and so on-point that we are curious to know where she finds alleviation for her illustrations. She revealed that she does not so important pass to induce ideas as have them come to her.

For me working on a joke tends to lead to a result that seems forced. An arbitrary grain of discussion or textbook may strike me as strange or funny in a unique way and I will use it as a title or a jumping-off point.” Point for a full-fledged joke. I am so busy with non-cartooning conditioning that I simply hope that the ideas arrive in time to shoot them to the editors. I trust Twitter/ IGetc. to find the origins of ideas in arbitrary posts. mortal nature is on full display on social media and of course, that is what cartoons are about.”




























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